Health and Sexual Activity Are Intertwined

Overall physical health is important to having a healthy love life. In turn, the health of your love life directly impacts your physical and mental health. The two are intrinsically linked.

Men’s health is the subject of several studies. One 1997 study was published in the British Medical Journal.  The risk of dying from various causes was significantly lower for men who had regular sexual activity over a ten year period. Men who reported having several orgasms a week were less than half at risk compared with those who experienced less activity.

Another study in 2001 pointed to reduction of heart attack or stroke risk in men with sexual activity three or more times weekly. Prediction of longevity due to frequency of such activity in men and enjoyment of sex for women was studied over the span of 30 years at Duke University and reported in the 1982 by the journal Gerontologist.… Read the rest

Researches Push for New Guidelines in Men’s Health Care

It doesn’t take much to identify the difference between men and women. The anatomical and physiological differences, that affect everything from the way that we live to the way that we think and respond to our circumstances, also cause differences in our healthcare.

Obstetrical and gynecological services that women receive, and have for some time, meet a variety of sexual and reproductive needs. With very little footwork women can receive the care that they need and have their gender specific questions answered.

The situation for men, however, is slightly different. There are no doctors that train specifically to meet the sexual and reproductive needs of men. While most men would rather discuss the best methods for improved muscle health there are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed.

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health believes that here in lies a gap in men’s healthcare.… Read the rest

Meditation and Sexuality

People choose to meditate , or turn to the practice of meditation for a variety of reasons. Some people jump start their practice by attending retreats for weeks at a time. Some of these retreats are free, or are based entirely on donations so there is no need to worry about taking an extension on loan to be able to afford them.

There are many benefits to the practice of meditation. Some are seeking spiritual fulfillment and a sense of well being, and other people are seeking the health benefits that daily meditation will provide. Studies have shown that people who practice daily meditation have lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, higher concentration capacities, and a boosted immune system. Brain scans also show greater activity in the left frontal lobe of the brain. This is a section of the brain that becomes active when a person is feeling optimistic, feeling good.… Read the rest

Love Affairs with Our Cars and Significant Others

People are in love with their cars. And regardless of how many significant others might be out there complaining that their partner spends more time doting on their vehicle than on them, the obsession with autos only seems to be gaining speed. Yes the pun was intended. Of course the other most common complaint from our partners involves time spent watching sporting events. Spending time with friends and spending time shopping are other top complaints and typically are less gender specific. Meanwhile, and back to our cars, trucks and other vehicles. So, as committed romantic partners, and individuals who are also obsessed with our transportation devices, how do we balance these relationships .

One of the most tried and true ways of managing any two important yet seemingly mutually exclusive aspects of our lives is to figure out a way to combine them.… Read the rest

Choosing a Marriage Partner for Continued Growth and Lifelong Learning

When we consider the importance of educational resources and learning programs, we almost always think of our children or the youth population in general. And this applies to small children as well as young adults entering into college. However, what about the rest of us, the majority of the population that seems to no longer matter to the world of academia and learning. Unless of course, we happen to be professionals in the field, but even then the focus is on educating the student, the instructor is supposed to know it all already. As if the notion of learning or the amount of knowledge out there is finite. In fact the opposite is true, and the best goal for any individual would be to pursue new interests, mental enhancements and learning opportunities throughout life. As cliche as it might sound, learning is a lifestyle, it’s the journey, not the destination.… Read the rest

Heroin Addiction and Behavioral Changes

It is a safe assessment, that no one who begins using heroin has the desire to become addicted to it. There is a plethora of information available, that outlines and details what one may expect from a life of heroin addiction, and non of that information would lead one to believe that a life like that would be worth living. But, people become addicted to various substances like drug and alcohol for many different reasons. As is witnessed in centers for
drug rehab Malibu Beach and other quiet towns in which centers for treatment exist, patients go through extensive therapy and attempt to discover just what caused that addiction in themselves.

As with any addiction, the addiction to heroin gradually takes away bits and pieces of the individual, until what is left is someone they themselves do not even recognize anymore.… Read the rest

Sexual Symbolism in Our Car Choice

The expression of one’s sexuality frequently has a direct symbolic connection. For instance, cars, trucks, motorcycles, almost any type of vehicle also has standard sexuality attached to them. And the manner in which this is manifested depends both on the automobile and the owner. It’s extremely common for a magazine to feature an incredibly attractive female next to or on the hot rod wheels, and while this is an advertisement feature, the symbolism involved indicates power and virility in the owner of that particular car. In a very direct manner, the advertisement is saying that whoever drives this vehicle or one like it will attract the female that is standing next to it. Of course some of these ads go even further and suggest that car itself is actually a sexual entity, substituting for the male viewer of the magazine.… Read the rest

In Over Your Head? Consult a Lawyer

Like most people, you probably think of yourself as being fairly self-reliant. You believe you are of above average intelligence and have more common sense than most. As such, you feel that you are probably qualified to deal with most disputes and problems in your life on your own. You only plan to set foot in a los angeles law office if something goes seriously wrong in your life.

There are actually lots of different reasons that the average person should consider consulting a lawyer. The obvious ones are life changes like divorce, adoption, making a will , or starting a business. Attorneys are useful in drawing up paperwork and negotiating settlements in all of those situations. They are also invaluable in handling insurance claims, obtaining disability benefits, or when you are facing criminal charges like drunk driving.

These things may all sound simple, but that is only on the surface, The legal system is founded on a morass of not just laws, but procedures and legal precedents and making a mistake in interpreting any one of those points can result in your losing your case and facing financial penalties or even jail time.… Read the rest

Revitalize Your Life with CPAP

Living with sleep apnea may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it is actually a very dangerous state of being. Because the effects of the disorder are cumulative, the seriousness of the condition can be overlooked by both you and those around you. Moodiness, fatigue, and lack of motivation are common enough with lack of sleep. However, when they become your default state they can be coupled with impaired vision and reflexes and the inability to think clearly, make judgements or retain information in short term memory. The result is you are much more likely to cause auto accidents ( sleep-deprived driving is just as bad as drunk driving), make serious mistakes at work, or alienate your friends and family.

The ability to overcome these symptoms is the reason you should visit a sleep specialist. They will order an overnight sleep study which will provide objective verification of your symptoms.… Read the rest

Tips for Basic Online Marketing

Companies no longer have an excuse for ignoring the importance of online marketing. They need to jump in now or they will be left behind. Those that are in more competitive online markets may want to get the help of specialists like those at Elixir Interactive . The rest can probably begin by following a few basic tips.

Have a strategy in mind, even if it is a simple one. Companies should conduct some basic market research and identify the best ways to target that market on the web. Some demographics respond best to visual data, in which case companies will want to upload videos and share slide shows. For those that respond to statistics and data, infograms and white paper reports will be the best route. Blogging is great for markets that like to read about a subject and then discuss it.… Read the rest

EMR Software is Creating a Better Experience for the Consumer

There is a lot of buzz going around about the great new software available for doctors’ and medical offices. The electronic electronic medical records software is creating a great reduction in office paperwork and is also contributing to efficiency of data collection, storage and use. However, with all of this interest about the effects the software is having on the office, some of the most exciting developments are related more specifically to the how they will benefit the consumer.

Electronic prescription services, also known as e prescribing, are changing the way prescriptions are delivered to pharmacies, and also increasing the speed in which a patient can access their medicines. This is because the script will go directly from the prescribing doctor or nurse practitioner to the pharmacy. It will then become available to the consumer shortly after.

This is just one of the ways that the new EMR software is benefiting the consumer, and it is probably the most obvious.… Read the rest

Private Medical Practices

When you need to visit a physician, you take several things into account. The most important is usually whether they are covered by your insurance plan. Other factors may include the their proximity to you, the doctor’s educational background, gender, languages spoken, and, of course, their specialty area. The fact that most insurance companies let you search by these factors is a good indication of their importance to health care consumers.

Another factor that is important to many people is whether the physician is in private practice or is part of a public clinic. While there is a perception that seeing a doctor in private practice is somehow better, the quality of care is going to be determined by a wide range of factors. The main difference between private practices and public clinics isn’t care, but the way in which the practice is organized with regards to finances.… Read the rest

Visitor Insurance is an Important Part of Travel Planning

Travel expenses usually include the basics like air fare, lodging, food, and admission to parks, museums, and events. In addition to these standard expenses, there are additional expenses to take into account during the planning stage. Depending on budget, there may be luxury items such as valet services, spa treatments, or professional sports lessons and VIP seating at premiere events, restaurants, or clubs. One other item that is sometimes overlooked is insurance.

Everyone from airlines to car rental agencies to tour companies will recommend or even provide different forms of insurance. Even banks will offer forms of insurance for credit cards and travelers checks. Travelers need to make sure they have insurance to cover theft or property damage as well as insurance against injury. Visitors insurance is a necessity for those traveling to foreign countries, especially for anyone who will be engaging in sports and other strenuous activities that might result in injury.… Read the rest

Repairing the Oldsmobile 88 and the Chevrolet Cavalier

No matter what type of car you own, if you keep it long enough, you’ll eventually have to repair it. Imagine two vehicles, the Oldsmobile 88 (aka as the Eighty-Eight) and the Chevrolet Cavalier. The Oldsmobile 88 was a full-sized vehicle sold by General Motors and produced from 1949 until 1999. You might find a wide number of variations in its name, spread out over the years, from Delmont to Royale (eleven names were used in connection with the 88 badge). The Oldsmobile brand was originally created in 1897 by founder Ransom E. Olds. . When it was finally dropped in 2004, Oldsmobile was one of the oldest surviving Amercian automobile brands, and one of the oldest in the world.

If you still own one of these cars, you’ll find it increasingly challenging to maintain, even if you have its original Oldsmobile repair manual .… Read the rest

Stages of Growth with Personal Injury

For anyone who’s never had a serious injury, it’s sometimes difficult to watch someone else go through it. The responses to the pain are sometimes irrationally acute, or else they seem too nonchalant for the situation. Without going through it, it’s really impossible to read these responses with any kind of clarity. The injured party is in no position for clear thinking or action, and this is when it’s a good time to find the best personal injury attorney New York City can offer.

The healing needs time, and it needs focus on the part of the injured person as well as anyone who might be caretaking. Leaving the complex details to another professional is always a good idea, in order to get on with the stages of healing.

These stages are really remarkably similar to Kubler-Ross’ five stages of grief.… Read the rest

Dodge Caravan Up Highway One

Have the kids gotten old enough to sit in the car for longer periods of time? Is it time to load them up and hit the road with the dodge caravan repair manual by your side and see some of the amazing sights. Which Highway is it going to be? There are many fantastic American highways to travel. If you haven’t made it up Highway 1 along the California coast maybe this would be a good time.
Maybe you would rather leave the kids at grandma’s house while you take this road trip. Maybe you would rather run it with a nice sedan or an old classic Ford Mustang. Just make sure you have the reliable manuals  you need to keep it running smoothly. There are some great sights to see along the way.
If you start out in the Los Angeles area it will be at the Santa Monica Pier which is a great stop.… Read the rest

Tires in Film

Almost everyone has a tire changing story. There are lots of memories connected to these moments, because they almost always come at the most inopportune moments. Whether it’s a high-speed blowout, or a simple little flat that goes unnoticed until the rain starts to pick up, we have all found ourselves by the side of the road at some point, trying to figure out how to work the jack. Some days are luckier than others, when some kind-hearted mechanic or police officer will stop to help, and other times it’s a solitary venture that seems to go on forever.

Moments like these remind us of how important it is to maintain your car tires , and sometimes a flat can be an excuse to finally get the trick new set of wheels that you’ve always wanted. Some of the inconvenience of having to change your tires is very much helped out by some of the best tire changing stories.… Read the rest

Payday Loans: The Big Debate

Drive through any major city and you can quickly see that payday loan and check cashing stores are becoming as frequent as Starbucks in New York City, but as every new lender opens its doors the controversy and debate over their place in our society increases. As with most debates ‚ political or otherwise ‚ it is best to gather all the facts before making any decisions.
For those who oppose the payday loan industry, their argument is clear. While consumers may look at payday loans and only see the signs for ‚ “no credit check required” ‚  they warn it does come at a price. Payday loans are only gained through high interest rates, sometimes more than 500%. Many believe that payday loans are paving the road to bankruptcy for those in low or fixed income situations. Many states are also trying to pass laws that would increase regulations on the payday loan industry.… Read the rest

Tires and Safety

One of the components that serves to ensure the safety of a race car driver, is the tires.  Anyone who has known anyone involved in the industry, especially those guys driving the cars themselves, knows the importance of a high quality general tire.  As in the tires of a street car, the tires of the NASCAR automobiles are radials.  However, racing tires differ due to the requirements of the racing industry.  The materials used for production, the rubber and the metal, must be stable during situations of high speed and extreme temperatures.

The ability to change a tire by the pit crew is of importance to the competitions, and the need for a high level of traction on the course is of importance to the driver’s safety.  Race car tires are often filled with nitrogen rather than air, due to the decreased moisture of the chemical.  When tires get hot, the moisture will tend to expand and vaporize at the same time, which serves to cause pressure increases within the tire itself.… Read the rest

Herbal Healing in Dubai

There is a Dubai beach resort that will suit your every need, and cater to your tastes with elegance and grace.  The resorts here specialize in a long, local tradition of hospitality, coupled with the conveniences of modern technology.  Guests are well-connected to the outside world, to make international business pursuits here a premium, and there is enough beach to make a getaway from the every day concerns possible.  Whatever the reason for travel here, business, pleasure, or cultural tourism, guests are treated to a beautiful time in a beautiful place.

Dubai is a fascinating city with a fascinating multicultural flavor.  There are locals and tourists and international expats here who make this their home for at least part of the year.  There are also gorgeous shopping malls, old world markets, and an increasingly vibrant local art scene that is making international news.  The traditional cultures are very interesting, and for the respectful traveler, there is much to see.  In some of the local markets, there are varieties of herbs for sale, which reflects some of the practices of traditional Bedouin culture in the region.  This is part of a long continuum of herbal healing traditions, that stems from the time when people were traveling across the deserts and only had access to local medicines.  Combining the herbal wisdom from India, Africa, Iran, and locally, there were hundreds of cures, and possibly thousands of herbal remedies.  One of the most popular remedies was, and still is, camel’s milk.  Camel’s milk is noted for its usefulness in helping to heal stomach ailments, and problems with circulation and bone ailments.… Read the rest

What are carbon-fibre rims?

Carbon fiber (alternatively called carbon fibre, graphite fiber, graphite fibre or carbon graphite) is a material consisting of extremely thin fibers about 0.005–0.010 mm in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms.

The carbon atoms are bonded together in microscopic crystals that are more or less aligned parallel to the long axis of the fiber. The crystal alignment makes the fiber very strong for its size. Several thousand carbon fibers are twisted together to form a yarn, which may be used by itself or woven into a fabric.

Carbon fiber has many different weave patterns and can be combined with a plastic resin and wound or molded to form composite materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (also referenced as carbon fiber) to provide a high strength-to-weight ratio material. The density of carbon fiber is also considerably lower than the density of steel, making it ideal for applications requiring low weight.… Read the rest

Finding Hospitals Abroad

As people are becoming more accustomed to the idea of traveling to obtain good medical care, finding the right hospital and doctor for you is of the highest concern.  Companies that are involved in medical tourism are designed to help you locate exactly the right medical practitioners who will receive information such as X-rays and diagnoses as well as guide you to cutting edge hospitals with the best technology for your specific surgery.

Why are patients traveling to obtain medical care that they could easily find in their own country?  Because abroad it can be so much cheaper.  Consider lap band surgery abroad in Mexico.  Here the costs are often more than 50% less than in the United States for surgery, hospital stay, and recovery.  Once you are discharged from the hospital, you then can enjoy the additional benefit of a local beach or an interesting town or city to explore.  Cheap knee surgery in India, where the doctors are also exceptionally trained, offers patients the opportunity to enjoy a fascinating vacation after recovery.  All at a fraction of the cost that one would find a North American setting.… Read the rest

Medical Tourism

Chennai, the state formerly known as Madras, India has an expansive economic base. It’s been established as the center for electronics manufacturing and software services for many years. More recently, healthcare and the financial services are making a huge contribution to the GNP.

However, it is the healthcare industry that was the topic of discussion recently at a Tourism Conference. Chennai is the base of the Apollo Hospitals group, one of the largest healthcare providers in the world. The hospitals are privately owned and are widely known for having the finest health care services in India, and perhaps in Southeast Asia. Nowadays, Chennai has been solidifying its position as the health capital and as such is attracting medical tourists from all over the world. Health Care Tourism, a term created by the travel industry, describes the growing practice of seeking healthcare in other countries.  Of particular importance to patients is the cost of the healthcare and the expertise in specialized fields.Read the rest